Our Project


This project has been under development for over 2 years.

In order to bring it to investment readiness, expert advice and input has been provided by a wide number of industry and sector specialists.


Unlike the many community oriented energy projects which involve generating renewable energy and Share Investment Capital from schemes involving wind, hydro and solar technologies, Lower Park Farm Co-operative is the first to apply Anaerobic Digestion technology.


This pioneering scheme can be considered as a landmark project, providing a benchmark for future farmers and local communities to follow.



We aim to have the AD plant fully operational and generating green energy by the end of 2015.

Timeline (Revised to enable the required funds to be raised)

February 2015

Lower Park Farm Co-operative registered by the FCA.

June 2015

Share Offer launched.

Summer 2015

Construction of substation and installation of transformer to export the electricity.

Autumn 2015

Share Offer extended for subscribers to purchase Shares.


Operation & Maintenance




The AD plant will take several months to build and install. Work on the plant, including development of the land on which the plant will be sited has already started. Construction of the core elements will begin as soon as the full Share Fund amount has been raised.

Fre-energy will commission the AD plant, which will then be run on a daily basis by Richard and George Tomlinson at Lower Park Farm. The farm will supply the feedstock to the plant, and the resultant digestate will be used to fertilise the farmland.


A maintenance contract for the plant is provided by Fre-energy and the cost of this is included in the budget. This ensures that the AD plant continues to operate efficiently and reliably.


The total development costs of the project are (or are estimated to be) as follows:

  • Fees and Project Set-up costs: £112,250
  • Project build: £1,120,000


Ongoing annual costs are as follows:-

  • AD Plant Maintenance: £34,900
  • Administration and Running Costs: £27,535


The costs to build the AD plant are based on fixed price quotations for the engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning works.


The Tomlinson family have already invested £107,000 to purchase an electrical transformer large enough to export and sell the electricity produced by the AD plant to the national grid. They are funding the on-going preparation of the ground on which to build the AD plant, and will be investing in Shares in the Co-operative.


The Co-operative has been approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). All Shares are valued at £1 each. Each Member of the
Co-operative has equal voting rights regardless of the number of Shares owned (one Member, one vote).


Should the project not proceed to its conclusion, all investments will be returned in full.

The Co-operative will generate revenue from:


  • The sale of electricity to the farm and surrounding properties
  • The sale of electricity to the National Grid
  • The Government’s Feed-in Tariff Scheme (FITs)
  • The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

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Investors should remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down, and they may not get back the amount they invested. Investors should ensure that they fully understand the nature of the shares on offer and the potential risks relevant to them. If necessary, Investors should seek independent financial advice before investing. The offered shares are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.