How do I Invest?


Prospective Members must complete the Application Form in order to purchase Shares in Lower Park Farm Co-operative Ltd.


By delivering a completed Application Form, an Applicant offers to subscribe on the Terms and Conditions contained within the Share Offer, for the number of Shares specified, or such lesser as may be accepted.


Before completing the Application Form you should consider taking appropriate financial and other advice, particularly in relation to any aspect of the Share Offer that is not clear to you.

Your attention is particularly drawn to:

  • The Risk Factors section which describes risks relating to an investment in the Offer Shares.
  • Terms and Conditions of the Offer because, by completing the Application Form, you will make an irrevocable offer which may be accepted by Lower Park Farm Co-operative Ltd.
  • The Rules of Lower Park Farm Co-operative Ltd because, in buying Offer Shares, you will become a Member of Lower Park Farm
    Co-operative Ltd and will be bound by those Rules.
  • Once an Application has been made it cannot be withdrawn.


Non-UK residents must take responsibility for ensuring that there are no laws or regulations in their own country that would prevent them from investing in, or receiving income from, a UK Co-operative. Under Money Laundering Regulations, you may be required to produce satisfactory evidence of your identity and it is a condition of the Share Offer that you do so as requested. You should note that if the Share Offer is unsuccessful, it will become necessary to return money to Applicants.


Application Forms, along with payment, must be returned to:-

Lower Park Farm Co-operative Ltd

c/o COWS-Hub Ltd

Lodge Farm



Wrexham LL13 9TE



Please attach a cheque, bankers draft or bank transfer (BACS) drawn on a UK bank or building society, for the exact amount shown in the box under 'Amount to Invest'. If there is a discrepancy between the two, or if the cheque is not honoured on presentation, your application may be rejected without further communication.


By submitting an Application Form, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out in this Prospectus.


Additional hard copy Application Forms can be downloaded here or requested by contacting us at our address.


For all enquiries use the contact details provided.

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Investors should remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down, and they may not get back the amount they invested. Investors should ensure that they fully understand the nature of the shares on offer and the potential risks relevant to them. If necessary, Investors should seek independent financial advice before investing. The offered shares are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.